The decision to record this song wasn’t taken lightly. None of the other songs I’d recorded could have been considered classics, and this is one of the most famous songs ever written. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t do it any justice or that I’d ruin the tone of the song, but it actually turned out ok.

Someone sent me a live version the song by Disturbed and it got me listening to some other versions, including the original. Over a week or so, I wrote a version I was happy with and, quite differently to usual, thought through ways to layer to the song rather than just making it up as I went along whilst recording. Upon listening to the vocals in the original, I realised how pivotal the harmonies were to that version and decided to keep them in my own.

This song took a couple of weeks to record. It was fairly difficult, mainly because I kept changing my mind and re-recording parts. It was weird as I’d taken so much time to consider how I wanted it to sound and worked out little runs that I thought would work, but when I recorded them in they just didn’t fit. Sometimes, I hear things in my head that I think will sound perfect, but in reality it just doesn’t. It’s the same with lyrics, I guess. Sometimes I come up with themes or phrases that I think are great and then upon returning to them days or weeks later they look awful.

The extra vocals towards the end of the song were almost an afterthought. Listening back now I’m not sure if they are over kill or not, but it was fun to add them in and to add extra harmonies. I’ve not heard The Sound Of Silence done in this way before, so that was quite exciting too.

I mimed the video for this one as well and though it makes things far easier, it also gives me more reason to hold off actually doing it. I currently have two songs ready to go, but I haven’t recorded the videos yet. It’s not the most fun part of it.

One thing that the last few songs have taught me is that there is no perfect or singular process to writing and recording a song. It’s all trial and error and there are a million different variations of any one song. I find that quite exciting and it’s nice to simply not know how it’s going to end up when I start recording. There is a real thrill to it and I hope that comes across in these videos.