It’s been a while since I wrote anything at all let alone anything on politics. Maybe I’m just getting sick of the racism and hate on the right and blatant anti-Semitism of some, the refusal to admit it of others and the lacklustre fight of the left. I’m definitely on the left wing of politics, but even I’m starting to miss the easy days when parties just kind of sat in the middle. At least then they had nothing to squabble about.

In recent weeks, the issue of race has been at the forefront of politics. Firstly, Corbyn’s defence of an anti-Semetic mural from five years ago on Facebook popped up on my newsfeed. Apologies for even metioning dank memes in a political blog but boy, that escalated quickly. Within hours, Corbyn was being accused by many in the Jewish community of failing to combat anti-Semetism in the party. Corbyn came out with his stock answer of “bad things are abhorrent and have no place in the Labour Party” but that’s no longer enough. There needs to be visible action. Corbyn is in the process of meeting with lots of Jewish groups to try and smooth things out and I don’t actually think he’s a racist or anti-Semite but he has left things far too late and the damage has now been done. He had not done enough to combat anti-Semetism in the Labour party. I don’t think the obvious smear campaign helped, but it wasn’t difficult to instigate given the sheer volume of issues to smear. Corbyn’s only option is to show some strength. It’s clear that he doesn’t like confrontation, but he needs to lead and publically throw anti-Semetic MP’s out of the party to prove that Labour is a party where anti-Semites are not wanted or needed.

When I thought that the Tories might have a quiet month, they managed to equal Labour for incompetence with the Windrush scandal. Britian has been deporting people of Caribbean origin who have lived in this country since they were children. Though they weren’t born in this country, they were welcomed by it. They are British. It seems that their papers were destroyed around 2010 so it was difficult for them to prove who they were and it seems that’s enough to throw them out. Rudd has come forward in the last couple of days and proudly annouced that citizenship fees will be waived and any citizenship tests will not be necessary which would be absolutely fine had they not already been British citizens. May has been trying to dodge the many bullets that have gone her way but, without doubt, this began on her watch as Home Secretary and has worsened with her as PM. In my mind, it’s quite clear that she is a racist. The arms of the Tories had to be twisted to within breaking point in order to enact change for the Windrush generation. It’s also worth noting the rise of Boris Johnson under May despite his clear inability not insult ethnic minorities. May should also be far more invovled in securing the freedom of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe following Johnson’s gaffe, which made things a million times worse. This, along with the now infamous ‘Go Home Boards’, the ridiculous immigration targets and the anti-Migrant Brexit rhetoric confirms to me that the Tories are being led by a racist and are, in their support, acting in a racist way. It’s also interesting to note that, when looking at the facts and nothing more, there are several instances of anti-Semetism in the Tory party too. I need to look at this in a bit more detail before I can accurately comment, but it’s something that we should be analysing more carefully.

I would like to make a bit of a shout-out to David Lammy who, throughout the Windrush scandal has been a prominent voice of righteousness. I just wish more MP’s would fight their corner like he has in this instance. MP’s are there to speak out for those with no voice and I think that gets forgotten sometimes. For this he will surely be remembered as an MP who stood on the right side of history.

It’s astonishing to me that after everything that humans have been through in the last few hundred years and with all of our evolutionary and scientific knowledge that racism still exists. We literally all came from the same thing and, as cliche as it sounds, we all bleed the same blood. I wouldn’t dare lie and suggest that I’ve never said anything racist or culturally insensitive. I’m 32, so I come from the era of ‘Paki shops’ and the ‘n-word’ was thrown around a lot more casually when I was a kid. We also had that rhyme that made literally no sense, where we’d pull our eyes different ways whilst saying “My Mummy is a Chinese, My Daddy is a Japanese and I’m an inbetweeny”. Looking back, it’s pretty horrendous. In the same way that I’m sure I made immature,sexist comments as late as my twenties, I think I’ve learnt from my mistakes and adapted my thoughts and vocabulary to suit the age that we live in. It’s not difficult to do and ensures that I remain open-minded, inclusive and progressive. I don’t always get it right, but I like to think I try.

Politics doesn’t seem to be evolving at the same rate as the rest of the world. The whole system seems out-dated and it seems full to the brim of old-fashioned and outdated world views and people. Both the system and the people need to change and, as per usual, it’s down to us – the voters. Corbyn may have inspired a generation but they still need to get out and vote and work for the betterment of their communities and society to create a unified, inclusive and toelrant society for everyone.