Theresa May has this week proven, once again, why she is not fit to lead this country. She has absolutely no control over her own cabinet and is seems unable to speak out when her cabinet fail to act in a decent or honest way.

Whereas it’s clear that MP’s on all sides of the political spectrum have acted, in some cases innappropriately and in others illegally, it’s up the leaders of those parties to act quickly and decisively and Theresa May absolutely hasn’t.

Let’s just look at the facts:

  • Fallon resigned due to his admitted sexual misconduct and Theresa May thanked him for his service.
  • Damian Green has been accused of having extreme porn on his computer. Theresa May has said nothing.
  • Boris Johnson has potentially added five years on to a jail sentence of a British woman in Iran. Theresa May has said nothing.
  • Priti Patel has been meeting with Israeli Government officials without declaring those meetings to the correct authorities. Theresa May has done nothing.
  • It has been proven that the richest in society, including the Royal family, have been stashing millions in offshore accounts in order to avoid tax. Theresa May has done nothing.

It seems that since all of this came out she has simply been hiding away. Any real leader would have taken the bull by the horns and dealt with these problems as they came. May seems to just waiting for everything to blow over. Unfortunately for her, it seems to be one wave of problems after another. She can’t hide from this.

Her failure to act is ruining the reputation of an already damaged United Kingdom. This comes at a time that we already look weakened due to how to Tory party as a whole are handling Brexit and this, again, is in no small part down to May’s inability to offer strong leadership. She is absolutely a woman defeated who, for some reason, still has a desire to cling on to a position of power despite having none. Those in her own party don’t appear to be taking her seriously and those on the opposition benches are, quite rightly, tearing her apart.

The time has come for her to step down. I would argue that we not only need a new Prime Minister, but we need a new party. The public are hungry for change. Austerity has failed and the public sector are in need of a pay rise. The NHS is in tatters. Our police service has admitted that budget cuts are making it almost impossible for them to do their jobs. Homelessness is on the rise. Cuts to our welfare system have meant that disabled and vulnerable people have been forced in to work. Food bank use is on the rise. Employment is down but the workers have no money. Universal Credit has left the most vulnerable in society without money for basic provisions for up to six weeks. People have died as a reult of this Government and they have shown no shame, no regret and no remorse for what they are doing to this country.

It’s been a short and absolutely disaterous term for May. She should have won the election with ease but due to her own incompetence, she barely scraped through, lost the Tory majority and had to pay off the DUP with one billion pounds of tax payers money during a time of crippling austerity. It was nothing more than a bribe. For millions, it was a sign of weakness and came as a slap in the face to those fighting for a fair wage. It proved how desperate she was to cling on to power as the DUP are proven to be a regressive, homophobic and sexist party founded on terrorism.

I have no confidence in Theresa May or her disgraced party. It’s time she stepped down.