I have a serious case of itchy feet at the moment. My inablity to drop everything and just travel the world is eating away at me. It stems from my teenage years. At the age of 18, my friend Chris and I blew our student loans on travelling Europe. We spent ten weeks, starting in Paris and going right the way down to the south of Italy and then all the way up to the North of Norway. It was incredible. We experienced more in those ten weeks than I think I had in the first 18 years of my life. We went to Lourdes, Madrid and Rome. We climbed Vesuvius and took a train through the snowcapped mountains of Switzerland to visit Jungfraujoch. We slept on a bench in Lubeck and sat for 21 hours on a train to visit Narvik, the Land of the Midnight Sun. It was truly incredible.
The following year, Chris and I used another student loan to visit New Zealand. Chris has family there, so we stayed with his Aunt and Uncle for a couple of weeks in Auckland before venturing down. We stopped in places like Rotorua, Christchurch and Wellington and the trip culminated in a last minute decision to skydive in Queenstown. On the way home, we were lucky enough to spend three days in Singapore. It was another incredible once in a lifetime trip.

Since then. Nothing. Yes, there have been a couple of package holidays and a few trips away, but nothing on the same scale as my previous trips.

I take nothing for granted and I realise I live in a generation that’s lucky enough to have travelled in Europe affordably and visa-free. It seems like future generations won’t have that luck. University is 3 times as expensive as when I went, wages are down and Brexit is going to make the whole thing more difficult. It’s truly saddening that many young people won’t have the opportunity to explore different countries and cultures. What’s more annoying is that the very people who caused the banking crisis 10 years ago and who put us all in this mess are still free to do whatever they want with their billions. It seems there is a lack of justice in this world. That’s a different blog altogether though.

I’m quite excited at the moment as my fiancee, Cerrys and I are going to Amsterdam in January. I’ve been twice before. Once when I was travelling with Chris at 18 and once about 5 years ago. It’s truly one of my favourite places. The first time I went, we obvoously bought some weed and failed abysmally at rolling. I was a smoker at the time, but was always awful at rolling. We looked in a couple of the museums, but weren’t that familiar with what was actually there. The second time I went was with a previous girlfriend and all we did was argue, but I did get to see the Rijksmusem and the Van Gogh museum. It was a mixed bag, but didn’t tarnish my love of the city itself.

Cerrys has never been and I’m so excited to go with her. I know that she’s going to love it. It’s one of those places that has something for everyone. It’s beautiful and artisitc and fun and has such a rich history and culture. I am so incredibly excited. Coincidentally, we are there during the Festival of Light, which looks set to be beautiful. I’ve only ever been in the summer before, so the opportunity to see Amsterdam in the winter is also quite thrilling. It might be wet and cold, but I feel like it will give a compeltely different feel to the whole city.

Cerrys and I have spoken an awful lot about travelling over the last couple of years. Whereas I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the world, Cerrys has never been further than Central Europe. I’ve told her about my desire to make music and travel a million times and though it does truly seem like a dream, I’m growing more and more determined to make that a reality. We’ve talked about travelling a little after the wedding too, so I’m hoping that can be out first foray into that lifestyle. By the time we get married, I would like my music career to be a fair amount further than it is at the moment and for that to be a steady source of income (did I mention my Patreon?) so we can make money whilst we’re travelling. I’m not sure if it will work out, but I’m not about to give up on my dreams.