This one was a lot of fun. I recorded it on a dreary, wet weekend with a bit of a hangover, wearing pyjamas the whole time. It was a way to relax and unwind following a stressful few weeks.

Cerrys and I had recently come back from our holiday in Disney which had been absolutely exhasuting. It was fun, but so, so tiring. She was (and is) no longer my girlfriend and instead had become my fiance. A twist that she absolutely wasn’t expecting. We were both back in work, really getting to grips with eradicating our debt and working out where to travel next. We were also starting to plan our wedding, which was – and is – incredibly exciting.

I’m not much of a pianist, so I started by sitting down with a couple of YouTube videos and learning the song. I’d tried playing this on just the guitar, but it didn’t work all that well. This song was made for piano. After working it out, I recorded it in to Logic and then, after getting a quick vocal take down, began adding the bass and other guitars. The first guitar part that kicks in was actually recorded last as nothing I did seemed to fit. I knew something would be needed there, so decided to leave it rather than stressing about it and I think this part actually works really well.

I’d finished the guitars by the early evening and decided to leave the vocals until the following day. Singing with a hangover, even a mild one, isn’t something I can do. My throat is always raw and scratchy, which leads me to cough. It’s not pretty. I opted instead, to mix the tracks and added a ton of reverb to some of the guitars to create a kind of ethereal sound and tightened up the piano by playing with the midi. Like I said, I’m not much of a pianist, so it needed it.

The following day, feeling somewhat fresher, I recorded the vocals. I managed to get them down in one take, which never happens. This left me a lot of the day to mix and master the track.

I recorded the video last night. A lengthy and rather boring process made far easier by having Cerrys assist me. There were a few problems with camera batteries and SD cards, but it all went pretty smoothly once we got into it.

The edit took a couple hours, most of which was spent syncing video and waiting for a struggling mac which kept glitching on playback. I think I’ve kind of got the editing side of it down now. I’ve found a simple and relatively quick way to do it.

I had a lot of fun making this one, even if it did take three months to get around to making the video. I’ve got another one ready to film now, so the next challenge is to find a new song to record.