Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over and I’m fatter than I was. I had a pretty nice time away from work. It was a break from everything, actually. I really didn’t do much of anything. I watched a lot of TV and played some guitar but did nothing productive whatsoever. It was bliss.

I started back on the diet this week and I’m hopeful that I can lose half a stone in the short time before we go to Amsterdam. I’m still stupidly excited about it. It’s now less that two weeks. The other day Cerrys bought us some new coats and bags which has made it feel extremely close and real. The more we plan it and talk about it, the more excited we seem to become. It’s a nice feeling to be truly looking forward to something.

We’re hoping that in the next month or so we’re going to be able to move out of our current property. We’re not in a contract so can pretty much come and go as we like. We’ve got our eye on a couple of properties and might even be considering buying a house. It’s big, bold step but it seems quite logical.

I never saw myself as the settling down type. I’m still not keen on the idea of staying in Newport forever and doing that 9-5 daily grind until I’m too old and then I can fuck off somewhere to die, but I can deal with it for as long as it takes to get somewhere else that I can feel truly happy. I suppose I should look at buying a house as a kind of investment. Newport is growing and the places we’re looking are new developments. Unless there is a huge downturn in the economy, we should be ok and though Brexit looms I think the housing market will continue to grow.

My depression is still pinning me down, but it’s quietened somewhat. My head doesn’t feel as clouded and though there is a post-Christmas feeling of lethargy and complacency, I feel quite positive about certain other aspects of my life. Our debt is almost gone. We have about 6 month of payments left, but we should be left with a little more money per month, easing the strain and allowing us to relax. I’ve already booked a hotel for Cerrys’ birthday. I’m hoping to go to London, stay overnight and watch a show, have a nice meal and visit the Harry Potter Studios. It would be an expensive weekend, but would be absolutely worth it. After that, we can really start saving for the wedding. Ideally, we’re looking to put about £800 a month away. That’s a lot of money that I can’t really wrap my head around, but again, I’m sure it will be worth it. Cerrys and I have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with each other and I’m so incredibly proud and happy to have her in my life, so celebrating that is worth it no matter the cost. It should be an unforgettable party.

Musically, I need to do some work.I’ve slacked pretty badly the last couple of months. I still have a video to record and I’m not entirely sure of what to do next. I’m still hopeful I can get into the studio to record some of my original songs in the next month or so. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and I think my songs are of a high enough standard now. I’m still not sure how many I’ll record, but I might do a number over a few months. In the meantime I really need to get back on the YouTube covers. I’m just not sure what songs to do. I can’t really do any more Ed Sheeran if, for no other reason, my versions are just too similar to the originals and other music is either rap-filled or utter shit but I really need to do some more modern songs. Maybe I should stop worrying about what I record and actually just record something!

I want 2018 to be the year that the world changes. Not just for me, but for everyone. I hope that my musical career advances, that I pick up some fans and followers that genuinely want to listen to my music and are interested in my thoughts, opinions and creations. As much as that, I hope that this is the year that that society starts trying to fix itself. For too long the 1% have run this world and for too long the poorest and most vulnerable have been made worse off just so those at the top can get richer. In the UK, the NHS is in crisis, homelessness is on the rise, the sick and disabed are being forced into work and education standards have plummeted. This isn’t the fault of doctors, nurses, the homeless, the vulnerable or teachers. It’s the fault of a twisted Government’s ideology, obsessed with helping and aiding those who need nothing and ignoring the needs of the many. Austerity is a killer and to even try and defend it only serves to exacerbate the problem. In this world, there should always be enough money to stop people unncessarily dying. We also need to stop killing our planet. Green energy needs to be heavily invested in and biofuels and electric cars need to be taken far more seriously. We need to cut down on overfarming. That means eating less meat and dairy and moving towards a plant based diet. Perhaps eat meat only twice a week. I don’t eat meat at all, as much for ethical reasons and not wanting to destroy the planet. If you want to eat meat because you don’t give a shit about animals then that’s fine, but to not care, or not even consider the consequences of what that does to the planet or to out future generations is not only irresponsible. It’s evil.

It’s a scary time to be alive, but we can turn this around. I truly believe that.