Boris Johnson is a dangerous man. He somehow manages to be both genuinely intelligent and stupid at the same time. He was one of the architects of ‘Vote Leave’ and is succesfully chasing a ‘Hard’ Brexit despite just a couple of years ago being an outspoken champion of the Single Market.

It’s clear that prior to the referendum, Johnson studied the socio-political landscape and chose to back the side that would get him into a more powerful position. He has ignored the consequences that Brexit will inevitably cause including, but not limited to, an economic slump, rising prices, growing class division and an increase in xenophobic and racist hate crimes to acheive his own political goals. It’s working too. He’s now the Foreign Secretary. May had no choice but to appoint him in her Post-Brexit Cabinet as he was one of the main reasons people voted to leave. Yesterday, he and Gove penned a letter to May, twisiting her arm for a Hard Brexit at a time when her position is weak. It’s clear to me that Johnson is trying to force her out and steal her position.

Johnson has a history of political bungles. Reciting a colonial poem in Myanmar, talking about whiskey in a Sikh Temple or making jokes about clearing up dead bodies in Sirte, he does have a terrible habit of putting his foot in his mouth. More frustrating than the remarks themselves is his unwillingness to apologise for them. His latest blunder tops them all.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian, is currently being detained in Iran on charges of espioage. Her family say she was simply on holiday and visiting family in the country. There is no evidence to suggest that this isn’t true and is what the British Government has been arguing to secure her release for over a year. Last week in Parliament, Johnson said she was in Iran training journalists. The Iranian Government have used this as proof that Zaghari-Ratcliffe was not on holiday. As a direct result of Johnson’s words, Zaghari-Ratcliffe is facing an extra five years in an Iranin jail.

Johnson has followed his previous path and, as yet, has failed to apolgise. Unlike his other gaffes, which, although embarrassing to the country, haven’t directly hurt anyone, his words in this instance have potentially jailed an innocent women for five extra years. This is far more than a gaffe or a blunder. Johnson has ruined the lives of an entire family. Any politician should have been sacked for this and Johnson’s history should have made this easier. But he’s still there. A man who cannot get basic facts correct, who has embarrassed this nation on countless occassions and who is repsonsible for the imprisonment of an innocent, British woman is still allowed to represent this country on the world stage. It truly is a disgrace.

Boris Johnson has an obligation to apologise for what his actions have caused and to make this right, whatever it takes. If he’s unable to do that – which has been the case so far – then he should resign.

I have no confidence in the Tories. Johnson won’t resign and May has no power or authority so she is unable to use her position as the leader of the country to sack someone who works for her. It’s pathetic. This is not a coherent Government. It’s a group of ruthless, self-serving individuals who are so hell-bent on being Prime Minister that they don’t seem to care what state it has to break down to in order to obtain power. They are a truly dangerous bunch.